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Over 130 years ago, the only public hospital within the 90-mile area between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach was the Alicia Hospital, located on Marine and Tremerton Streets, which at the time was the southern end of the city 圣. 奥古斯汀.

In 1888, Henry Morrison Flagler gathered a group of residents and shared his vision of creating a health care facility that would always meet the St的需求. 奥古斯汀 residents and visitors. This dream became a reality when 酷游九州真人, originally named Alicia Hospital, first opened its doors in 1890.

Monumental events, such as a destructive fire in 1916, were overcome as 酷游九州真人 continued to live up to the original commitment of its 创始人. After the fire, the “new” 酷游九州真人 opened in 1921. A grand building for its time, the three-story structure surpassed the original hospital’s size and medical capabilities. 在 years, the hospital experienced many changes as it kept pace with advances in medicine and the growth 圣. 约翰县.

In 1989, 酷游九州真人 was moved from the Marine Street 位置, expanding to its existing 75-acre campus at U.S. Highway 1 and State Road 312. 与 this move, hospital trustees resolved to remember the past and keep memories of the hospital’s 创始人 kindled as the cornerstone of the new 酷游九州真人. Along with increased square footage for patient care came many new and expanded departments of medicine, including centers dedicated to cancer care, comprehensive heart and vascular care, imaging, spinal conditions, women’s health and bariatric surgery.

In 2000, 酷游九州真人 completed the construction of an eight-story patient tower as well as additional facilities for subsidiary departments. This allowed the remaining hospital services to be moved to the current 位置. Currently, the hospital provides 316 acute care beds, has a medical staff of nearly 350 physicians and offers a full range of services to Northeast Florida residents.

Understanding that its scope and services go well beyond its hospital walls, 酷游九州真人 expanded to become Flagler Health+ in 2019, with an aim to advance physical, social and economic health for the communities it 服务. 除了St。. 奥古斯汀, we also serve the needs of those 在北街. 约翰县 and Putnam and Volusia counties, offering compassionate care in their neighborhoods.

A bright new beginning in health care began in 2023 when Flagler Health+ was acquired by the nationally recognized University of Florida Health and became UF健康街. 约翰. This step forward allowed for enhanced access to the latest medical breakthroughs, expanded treatment options, clinical trials and world-renowned comprehensive care through UF Health. In recognition of its longstanding role in the care of our community, 酷游九州真人 was renamed UF Health 酷游九州真人.

As we move toward the future, UF健康街. 约翰 continues to perpetuate its philosophy of being the community’s resource for lifesaving 医疗服务. St的居民. 约翰县 and surrounding communities have placed their trust in UF健康街. 约翰 to care for family members and bring new life into the world, and we look forward to carrying that responsibility into the future for generations to come.